Sometimes the key to success is right in front of you. (We all know about the ‘other’ times…)

Case in point:  finding free, high-quality and engaging resources to introduce Coding to your students.  Why coding?  It teaches problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and builds important lifelong skills for any learner.  And has a portfolio of grade- and competency-based tutorials designed with your students in mind.

WeThinkBig partnered with two years ago to help promote “Hour of Code” week and bring these free resources to Wisconsin teachers.  Through the ever-popular “Happy Hour of Code” for Educators, WTB has shared resources with dozens of educators and hundreds more students.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  Explore this year’s Hour of Code resources, check out Madison-area Tech Ed Alliance activities for kids, and see other news and events you won’t want to miss.