sun-icon-1Future of Education – The Next Big Idea

There has never been a more exciting and creative time for education! WeThinkBig takes a look at promising ideas, programs, and innovative approaches from near and far and introduces them to Wisconsin educators.

There are several ideas currently being considered for next year’s “Big Idea”. If you have an idea or example that you would like us to consider, please let us know!

LRNG: Badgerland 

WeThinkBig is pleased to bring the City of LRNG initiative to Greater Madison and Southcentral Wisconsin!  LRNG is a national initiative that is the results of intensive research by the MacArthur Foundation and spearheaded by the innovative not for profit organization, Collective Shift.  WTB is partnering with local schools and organizations to pilot test LRNG in our community. Sign up now to be the first to find out about LRNG in your community!

Startup Weekend for Education (2016)

In 2016, WeThinkBig spearheaded bringing the first-ever Startup Weekend for Education to Wisconsin, attracting over 100 attendees, including 44 registrants, 37 business volunteers, and two dozen innovation supporters together for a 54-hour marathon of team building, education-focused creative problem solving, prototype development and business pitch competition.