…Fall! And with the season comes the start of a new school year. New students, new challenges, new opportunities inspire us to tweak our lesson plans and try some new approaches for engaging those students. How can we connect their learning to the world around them? How can we nudge our students to take charge of their own learning?

Here at We Think Big, we’ve been exploring these same questions.  We’ve got some amazing examples of educational innovation to share with you. Over the next year, WTB will be your resource for bringing connected learning into your community.

In our newsletter, on our website and through our social media, you’ll learn about upcoming events in the Madison area where you’ll meet fellow innovators and strategize on bringing connected learning activities into your classroom. We’ll highlight web-based resources that you can tap into. We’ll profile teacher and school partnerships where connected learning is taking hold and transforming student engagement.

Be sure to check out the events listed on our website. We’re glad that you’re a part of We Think Big! Encourage your colleagues to get in touch and join this growing movement. I’m ready for your ideas at kathe@wethinkbiginc.org, or give me a call at 608-800-2100.