Welcome to WeThinkBig – the folks who work with you to support and encourage educational innovation in our community!

It’s hard to believe that only a little over a year ago we launched our first programs to bring educators and business professionals together.  Since that time we have engaged over 500 individuals in more than 20 programs and events, offering nearly 100 hours of exploring and learning together.

Take a look at our Year in Review and you’ll see that it has been a remarkable first year!

With educators from pre-school to higher ed, business professionals, over 47 community partners and 50 volunteer community advisors, we are poised to build an extended community of practice that can shape, practice and promote a shared vision for what innovative education can be.

On behalf of all of us as WeThinkBig, we thank the educators, advisors, business professionals, community partners and friends who helped make it all happen this year, and look forward to exciting things together in 2017!

— Kathe & the WTB Team